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Crypto Airlines is a project built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to provide a crypto-focused airline service. The $CAIR token is the project’s native cryptocurrency and is used to provide payments and benefits for flights between users.

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Everything you need for providing world-class support.


Crypto Airlines (CAIR) is a project that aims to provide future flight services using blockchain technology. Our goal is to create real-world use cases by leveraging tools such as Web3 and B2B crypto payment methods. Our robust ecosystem aims to offer our investors and users a seamless crypto experience. We aim to establish a reliable path by building a compliant infrastructure that adheres to legal regulations.

What is CAIR Token

With CAIR Token, our daily air travels and crypto technology come together.

Crypto Airlines (CAIR) is a project that offers future flight services using blockchain technology. Our goal is to create practical use cases in the real world by leveraging tools such as Web3 and B2B crypto payment methods. Our robust ecosystem aims to provide our investors and users with a seamless crypto experience. We aspire to establish a reliable path by building a compliance infrastructure that aligns with legal regulations.

Staking and Earnings

Vacation opportunity for $CAIR Stakers

CAIR token holders can earn monthly interest by staking their tokens through our website. Staked tokens contribute to the success of the project and incentivize participation in the ecosystem. Additionally, users who engage in staking will have the opportunity to benefit from exclusive opportunities offered by Crypto Airlines.


Staking Rewards

Online Hotel Reservation

Company ID and Activities

Crypto Airlines, a UK-based airline, resort and hotel reservation, health tourism, yacht and boat rental company. Our main goal is to serve our business partners with zero commission.

Commission Problem and Turnover of Competitors

As you know, for hotels and other establishments commissions paid annually is high. For example, according to official figures 2022 turnover is around 7 billion usd Expedia 2022 turnover is 2.8 billion USD Hotelz 2022 turnover is approximately 4.5 billion.
earned income in euros and many medium and small scale travel agency tour companies 100 billion in total earnings, including pass usd . All of these revenues from tourism companies and their customers.
is obtained.

Zero Commission Policy

To support our partners and earn more commission to ensure We reduce the rates to zero. For example, a week The cost of the room to the customer is 750 Euros. 15% commission, assuming Extra 135 Euro cost due to 20% tax consists of. These huge costs great advantage to our business partners by downloading we provide.

How Will Zero Commission Be Possible?

Our own digital currency on the Binance Smart Chain network by creating 750 USD of this money to our business partners. If they make a purchase, you can visit us on our reservation page. we list

  • The digital currency you have received will increase in value as the company grows. will win, to remind you of this important information we want.
  • You have to keep the digital money you receive in your wallet.
  • The city or region that holds the most digital currency
    Top view and post to partners we guarantee, this is to reach more customers means.
  • Our partners who want to terminate the business partnership are listed
    You can sell at the same minute on the stock exchanges we are in, and
    they can get their money.


  • Objectives of CryptoAirlines project and determining the mission
  • Creation of the website
  • Research development
  • Community creation
  • Token Locked
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listing
  • İnfluencer Marketing
  • DEX Listing
  • Liquid Pool Locked
  • New CEX Listing
  • Agreement with hotels for staking awards
  • Partnerships
  • Mobile app development
  • Security and Performance Test
  • New CEX Listing
  • Sponsorships


  • Decimal: 18

  • Max Supply: 7.000.000

  • Total Supply: 7.000.000

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

  • Trading Fee: %5

  • Burn: No

  • Liqudity: Locked (2 years)

Token Distribution



  • 25% – This fund will be used in the liquidity pool to ensure the token’s tradability on exchanges.

CEX (Centralized Exchanges): 20%

  • This fund will be used to cover the licensing fees and listing costs required for the CAIR token to be listed on centralized exchanges.

Pre-Sale: 10%

  • This fund represents a special sale conducted when the project is introduced and offers an opportunity for early-stage investors in the community.


 The team fund is allocated to the individuals working on the project for its development and successful execution. Team members’ salaries, project management, business development, and other operational activities will be covered by this fund.


Marketing activities will be utilized to promote Crypto Airlines, increase project awareness, and expand the user base. Advertising campaigns, social media marketing, event sponsorships, and other marketing strategies will be supported by this fund.


Staking rewards will be given to CAIR token holders for staking their tokens. Staking will be used to provide users with monthly interest earnings and additional benefits.


Maja BW. Project Manager
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Metin YUN Founder
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-20 at 12.40.44
Atilla AYDIN Marketing Mnager

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